Sunday, November 8, 2009

Paris hilton sex. smashing.

Paris hilton sex. New pics from google.

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The people who bad mouth Paris Hilton fall into each category? 1) insecurity ugly women repulsive 2) bitter jealousy that women cannot get a boyfriend 3) Women with very little money (most likely very ugly) 4) attention cravers who obviously are jealous of the attention Paris Hilton receives 5) Socialist losers 6) Communist losers (same as above) 7) the heirs of the Hyatt (unlikely) 8) Actresses obviously jealous of the attention of Hilton gets 9) Girls who want to have blond hair 10) Girls who wish which were rare 11) Girls who wish they were rich 12) The girls who wish they were beautiful 13) Girls who want had 80 million hits on 14) boys Tryhard that bad mouth of Paris in an attempt to demarcate with ugly women jealous .. What drugs are smokers? 15) Wannabe singers .. Paris still sells more than you, regardless of what you think 16) Journalists lifeless .. despite earning a living through it so maybe not. 17) Bill Clinton supporters .. just because they suck 18) Women without sexual desire 19) All of the above
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